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SightGlass Management

SightGlass Management is an outsource management services company focused on small businesses and non-profit organizations. The company’s goal is to fulfil a need that is lacking in small organizations with limited financial resources. Our expert services include, but are not limited to, cash management, accounting/tax advisory services, legal services, human resources and procurement to name a few. We are able to provide these services at a fraction of the cost but with the same level of expertise as large companies enjoy because we can negotiate lower rates due to economies of scale. Most small organizations and non-profits cannot afford to retain a lawyer, an accountant or HR professionals that have high levels of expertise because of the expense. Government regulatory authorities and your customers expect that you would comply with all rules and provide them safe products/services so the standard of care is not reduced because you are a small business. SightGlass is able to provide you a best-in-class level of services at affordable rates because together we form a very large buying-group and can attract and retain best-in-class service professionals in the industry to work for you. Are you a small business? Are you a non-profit organization? Is lack of ready-financial resources hurting your bargaining power? Contact us. We would meet and exceed your highest expectations.

We Provide Small Businesses with:

Cash Management Services

Creating value within the function of cash management services Safe & effective investment of excess funds, consistent with cash preservation principles. Bank account management / cash management banking. Global cash management. Supply chain finance

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services -

We seamlessly integrate bookkeeping, payroll and tax management to help any size small business stay on top of administrative needs. Many services are bundled for convenience and set at monthly rates; accounting services are also available to ensure accuracy with financials.

Tax Management and Consulting

Tax preparation and management; we help with a fuller understanding of complex tax situations, IRS processes and how to best maximize your tax situation; businesses also benefit from this service and tax advice, especially with unique tax situations.

Human Resources -

A thorough HR audit to evaluate compliance with city, state and federal regulations. Mentoring to support administration staff responsible for HR functions. Evaluate and implement performance review processes. Conduct an I9 or EDD audit. Development of an employee handbook. Design and implementation of recruiting, payroll, benefits and compensation workflows.

Annuities, Retirement Planning and Insurance Options -

We assist individuals that want to have a more secure and prosperous retirement; additionally businesses can take advantage of new tax laws through various insurance methods. We have Section 125 plans that can help a business lower their FICA taxes while utilizing employee benefits via payroll deduction; employees can utilize payroll deduction and employer sponsored contributions.

Employee Benefits -

Businesses that have contractors or employees can provide health, life, disability, cancer, critical illness, or other protection plans; we have a host of companies that provide payroll deduction for employees or employee contribution plans that can help attract and keep contractors and employees.

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